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Integral Technology and Natural Systems
Business Models and Technology, Market Data

* All About Sustainability - quick guide to what and how.

Integral Systems - Business Methods and Models

* Guide to Social Return on Investment by New Economics Foundation
* Rethinking The Good Life - State of The World 2004 by The World Watch Institute
* The Business Case of Sustainable Business - summary by Sustainability.com
* Values based design for whole system change - Spiral dynamics, the consciousness model, chakra technology.

*Natural Capitalism by World Resources Institute in pdf
*What is LOHAS by LOHAS8
*About LOHAS by LOHAS Journal
*Sustainable Growth Businesses
*Social Networks for Speed by Prof. M. Maznevski, IMD
*"Cradle to Cradle" discussion of sustainable business models
*Chaordism - Dee Hock and the Chaordic Commons, Chaordic Leadership
*Weapons of Mass Salvation Jeffrey Sachs
*Issues of Human Evolution into Global Community by Dr. E. Sahtouris, 1/02
*Living Systems, the Internet and the Human Future by Dr. E. Sahtouris, 5/00
*Living Systems in Evolution by Dr. E. Sahtouris,12/99
*The Biology of Globalisation E. Sahtouris
* Quadruple Bottom Line Investing: Alleviating Energy Poverty in Developing Countries, SustainableBusiness.com
* Beyond Economic Progress by New Economics Foundation (2004) in pdf (GDP vs MDP, or the costs of pollution)

* Sustainable Glossary from IFC

GRI Market Commentary and News

*Market Opportunity by GRI Equity.
*Socially Responsible Investing Trends in US 1999
*The Case for A GM-Free Sustainable World by the Independent Science Panel June 2003.
*Fair Trade's Past and Future by Graham Young for the King Baudouin Foundation May 2003
*BBC comment on global consumers
*USA Today 11/01 organic market
*BW 4/02 web app wins





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