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Demographic Data

United Nations Statistics

Population Data
World Population Summary
WPS - Executive Summary
WPS - sxi format (download OpenOffice.org free)

Population by country
GDP per Head by country
Settlement: Rural - Urban
Water Supply and Sanitation

Economic Data
GDP and Trade Values (1997)
International Financial Flows and Investment (1997)
Distribution of Income and Poverty (1997)

Millenium Development Goals Report September 2002
The Goals
World and Regional Trends Summary
Goal Summary - Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger.
Goal Summary - Poverty, Hunger, Education
Goal Summary - Environmental Sustainability
Goal Summary - Global Development Partnership

Production by Source (1997)
Consumption by Source (1997)
Consumption by Sector (1997)
EnergyFrom Renewable Sources (1997) - world market growth of 19% pa
Resource Consumption - cars, fuel,meat (1997)

Emmissions from Fossil Fuel Burning and Cement Manufacturing (1996)
Atmospheric Concentration of Greenhouse Gases (1996)
CO2 Emmissions 1755-1995


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